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What does it do for me?

Myemailguru when used will prevent anyone you would have given your personal email address to from selling it on as a legitimate email address and thus exposing you to sales/promotional emails from the person you dealt with and any affiliated business they choose to give your address to.

How easy is it to use?

Myemailguru, is simple and straight forward to use, when you are logged on you simply copy the generated address and paste it where you would have normally typed in your personal address. After that we do the rest and you can then be confident the site you visited will not have your personal details.

Do I need to log onto a special site to see the emails?

No one of the beauties of Myemailguru is you just carry on using your personal email address as per normal, the only time you need to log on to the site is if you want to generate another address or edit the existing ones.

Are my personal details safe?

The whole point of Myemailguru is to keep your personal email address away from those who exploit it, so our pledge to you is that we will never divulge, sell or pass on any of your information. (unless requested to for legal reasons) we are also registered with the Information Commissioner Number Z1004565

What is bMail address?

A bMail address is a temporary email address we provide you with so that you can keep your real email address safe.

What is BACN?

BACN is email from sources you legitimately gave your email address to, but now send you dozens of emails a week. Each website you visit is different and they try to confuse you by asking you to either opt out of email contact, or opt in. With Myemailguru you do not even have to worry as you control this without ever compromising your personal account.

Do you keep a track of my emails?

No we are not interested in what or who you contact we are just a go between so all we do is link your personal address to the unique one we generate for the time period you have requested it for. We only store the subject line of the email so you can identify them on the web site, the content is not stored.

Does it cost me anything over the subscription?

No the only costs apart from your subscription fee are ones that you incur through your normal data usage. There are no hidden extras from Myemailguru.

What if I change my email address?

You have the ability to change your address in the admin section of Myemailguru.

How does it work?

In its most basic form Myemailguru is a link between your personal email address and a unique one we give you. You use the unique address and we pair that to your real one and then match the two until you have told us you no longer need it. Once it is removed unless you contact direct you will not receive any more mail from the account you have traded with.

How long do I need it for?

This is totally up to you, you can set the time frame the unique address stays live for.

How many personal address can I use with my subscription?

You can only sign up one email address with your subscription. If you change your service provider and need to change your personal email address this can be done through the My Account section and you will not suffer a loss or service.

Are there different ways to use Myemailguru?

Yes there are basically three ways you can use the account

  1. you can use the randomly created address we provide
  2. you can use your user ID ie you may use this address as your permanent address if you change service providers, all you need do is change your details in your account manager and no one will need to be notified as this address will be unchanged
  3. you can create your own temp address for something specific by using your user ID underscore a short description underscore the length in days you want the address to last ie