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Myemailguru is the revolutionary new way to protect you from spam, bacn, or other unwanted email.

Our service is designed to

Provide you with many temporary email addresses
Protect your real email address from spammers
Eliminate unwanted emails
Allow you to painlessly switch email service providers

Why you need Myemailguru!

Myemailguru uses innovative technology (patent pending) to stop unwanted emails reaching your inbox by ensuring you need never give out your real email address.

Stop unwanted emails!

No more unwanted emails

You control your email relationships with the world by limiting the lifespan of your bMail addresses.

Create bMail address

bMail for everyone

Creating a new email address with Myemailguru is simplicity itself! You don't even need any technology to do it.

temporary email address for everybody

Use it for anything

Provide a working email address to anyone without worrying about how or by whom it might be used by.


How it works

  1. A person or company wants your email address... but you don't trust them with it.
  2. Give out a bMail address which you can either invent on the spot or else log in to your Myemailguru account and generate an address there
  3. When mail is sent to this bMail address, we forward it to your real email address
  4. If you reply, the reply will be sent through our servers which once again hide your real email address

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